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January 27, 2010

Wanna play with the one and only Norma Stitz? Or with Anorei Collins? :)

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I know an most of you want much more interactive erotica/porn movies and while it’s hard to please everybody with “old fashioned” porn scenes, it’s totally possible with webcams to ask the female performer to do exactly what you which them to.

I mean: watching the cutest BBWs in the world on your screen is nice, but if you’re watching a video clips shot several years ago and already seen by thousand fans, it’s just not the same thing than being in front of the actual performer and ask her to do what you want her to!

Now if you really want the real thing (I’m sure you do you! :-) ), thanks to ImLive you can get a one to one session with Norma Stitz who just happens to be the Guiness Book of Records certified bustiest woman in the world…

Norma Stitz (login: norma_stitz)

Amazing isn’t she? Well, it’s not every day you get to talk with a chick who can flash a pair of 72ZZZ puppies, right? :-)

BTW, did you know that you can record and save a webcam session? That’s your chance to become a “porn” producer, direct the model and make your very own video… (there’s nothing like watching your favorite performer screaming YOUR name when she comes! :-P )

Ok, here are some more pictures of Norma; can you tell I’m in love with her? :-)

Click here to see Norma Stitz’s webcam page!

But Norma Stitz and her ZZZ juggs aren’t the only beauties you’ll be able to make friend with on ImLive… Just check the BBW section and you see plenty of other BBW camgirls to play with…

Not convinced yet? Right, here are some screenshots of Anorei Collins‘ previous shows…

There! :-) Now, if you don’t check out these amazing ladies, you’re probably gay anyway… :-P

June 16, 2009

Summer Lashay’s huge juggs at!

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Which part of the curvy women we cherish do we love more? Booty or boobs? That’s an incredibly hard question to answer as I’m still unable to find an answer…

The only thing I’m sure of is that I LOVE big boobies. No matter how busty my dates are I never can’t get enough!

I’m quite unlucky because I live in a region (Europe) that have relatively few black women, but I’ve always admined black women for their ability to be plump and busty… Now that I’m thinking about it, are there any flat, slim while non-starving black females out there?

Summer Lashay is one of my favorite model but unfortunately she’s not been featured on many sites… As it happens Thickandbusty seems to be the only site to ever had recorded an hardcore scene featuring Summer.

No matter whether you prefer to watch more Summer Lashay’s boobs in solo teasing or in hardore action, this site is the one that will make your fantasies come true!

Summer Lashay Movie Summer Lashay Movie Summer Lashay Movie
Summer Lashay Movie Summer Lashay Movie Summer Lashay Movie
Now, how about some solo posing from Summer? Yes, I’m sure you’d be interested! :-)
Summer Lashay Movie Summer Lashay Movie Summer Lashay Movie
Summer Lashay Movie Summer Lashay Movie Summer Lashay Movie
Of course, one of the best best to use big boobs is to have an amazing titfucking session… Summer Lashay never did an hardcore scene so far but fortunately she let her tits fucked in front of a camera so we can enjoy the show! I certainly did and I hope you will! :-) :-P
Summer Lashay Movie

June 4, 2008

Two SSBBW chicks teaming to give a blowjob!

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Have you ever had your cock sucked by two BBW chicks at the same time?

Sadly, the closest I’ve experienced was getting a blowjob by a BBW girl while her SSBBW friend was only watching. Fortunately the guys from ThickNBusty made us a great scene with two BBW girls (well, more like a BBW and a SSBBW one) who were delighted at taking turns sucking on the cock of an extremely lucky dude.

One gotta love chicks who instead of fighting for guys are ready to “share” him… But I see you’re drooling over this scene already, so I’m not going to babble any more, here are the sample pictures; Enjoy! :-P

Double BBW Blowjob Double BBW Blowjob Double SSBBW blowjob

thicknbusty_com_rio_and_alexx-004.jpg thicknbusty_com_rio_and_alexx-005.jpg Double BBW blowjob

thicknbusty_com_rio_and_alexx-007.jpg thicknbusty_com_rio_and_alexx-008.jpg thicknbusty_com_rio_and_alexx-009.jpg

2 obese chicks sucking cock thicknbusty_com_rio_and_alexx-011.jpg Two fat chicks sharing cock

Click here to visit ThickNBusty’s preview and download the 8MB trailer of this scene!

May 25, 2008

SSBBW mature babe Sugar sucking a lucky dude

Filed under: SSBBW, Hardcore, Busty, Housewife, FatChicksLoveDicks, Sugar — postmaster @ 2:15 pm

So far I’ve not been keeping this site updated as often as I intended to when I initially started it, so to try to make up for it, I’m going to try something now: today instead of posting pictures, I’m going to post 5 video clips!

Hopefully my bandwidth quota will be able to handle that :-) The clips below are from FatChicksLoveDicks, this site have an amazing list of video scenes to download, but those clips are from my favorite scene so far. I’m especially fond of Sugar, this SSBBW performer is not only one of the yummiest SSBBW chick I’ve ever seen, but she also appears to be a blowjob expert!

But don’t take my words for it, and watch the clips below! :-D

SSBBW mature Sugar from Fatchickslovedicks

May 7, 2008

Amazing BBW ladies from BBW-IncrediblePass!

It’s been a little while since I last post on my blog, but to make up for it, here’s an avalanche of BBW and SSBBW ladies! All the pictures are from BBW IncrediblePass! I’ve ounly found out about this site (or more exactly gateway to several sites) recently, but the BBW lover I am have been delighted.

These guys really know how to find real BBW and SSBBW women and they prove that curvy chicks can be as horny and wild in bed than skinny chicks. With the exception of the phenomenal Norma Stitz who’s “only” masturbating, all of those scene are hardcore. Both black and white models are featured, but I decided to dedicate this post to black BBW ladies who are going the extra mile while getting fucked in front of a camera to please all the BBW addicts! :-)

Busty Jenae

BBW Busty Jenae BBW Busty Jenae BBW Busty Jenae

Mz Diva

Ms Diva Ms Diva Ms Diva

Norma Stitz

Norma Stitz Norma Stitz Norma Stitz Norma Stitz

Crystal Clear

BBW Crystal Clear BBW Crystal Clear Crystal Clear

Come visit BBW IncrediblePass and watch their scene trailers!

February 26, 2008

Kountrygal sucking cock at

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It’s very unfortunate that extremely few BBW models become as famous as the “mainstream” porn models, but every now and then some seem to gain some acceptance.

KountryGal is one of them. She’s been around since quite a few years, and during that time she’s put her ample curves to good use to prove everybody that plump chicks can not only be great models, but also be amazing in bed; and I’m pretty sure it’s not the stunt cocks who performed with her who will step forward to say the contrary. Few “slim and mainstream” porn models seem to have as much stamina as KountryGal does! She seems to have done mostly solo scenes, but fortunately XLGirls is one of the few sites to contain hardcore scenes from this plump beauty :-)

I don’t think my hosting quota allows me to handle the load of posting video clips, but here are some sample pictures for you :-) Please check XLGirls’ tour to download some yummy preview clips!

BBW KountryGal at BBW KountryGal at BBW KountryGal at BBW KountryGal at

BBW KountryGal at BBW KountryGal BBW KountryGal BBW KountryGal

Visit XLGirls’ preview here!

January 30, 2008

Our first surfer submitted pictures: Kristin Evans!

Filed under: BBW, Black, Submitted pictures, Kristin Evans — postmaster @ 2:36 pm

It’s not even been 1 week since I posted the pictures Jenny Hill sent me and another lady sent me some pics of her too… :-) I guess that’s one of the nice side effects of running a blog dedicated to the beauty of plus sized women, but I’m not a selfish guy, so I’m gonna share :-P
From: <Kristin.Evans@….>

Well I am 24 and a size 18.. I am 5′9 and I weigh 260. I am black white puerto Rican and Indian. I live in Virginia. I am a professional female and I travel a lot. Not really sure what else you would like to know about me…?? Here is a few pics of me…Let me know what you think..

Black BBW Kristin Evans Black BBW Kristin Evans Black BBW Kristin Evans

Well, the pics are small, but I think all guys can appreciate a girl who exposes herself to tease them! Thank you Kristin for your pics!

January 24, 2008

Hello Jenny Hill! :-)

Filed under: BBW, Black, Jenny Hill, Uniforms, Nurse, Barmaid — postmaster @ 5:57 pm

One of my best reward as a blog owner is to look at my access statistics and to see I have more readers every month…

Now, as the owner of this Plump Ladies blog, knowing that some famous BBW models themselves are among my the regular readers is just plain great. Now look at the email I received a few hours ago!

From: Jenny Hill

Happy 2008 to you. Hope you’re well
Attached are some new sets which are yet to come from me in 2008.
Also just to let you and the rest of the fans know that I won ‘Score Big Breast Challenge’ 2007 (Holiday edition) So do thank them all for voting for me.
This year there are lots of steamy hot sets and video on the way and I will be releasing a DVD in 2008 which will only be available from

BBW Jenny Hill sending in some of her pics… How cool is that?! :-D

For those of you who have been living under a rock for the last few years, Jenny Hill is a british model who’s been one of the first black BBW models to become widely known…

Ok, let’s not wait anymore and enjoy Jenny’s pictures!

Black BBW Jenny Hill Black BBW Jenny Hill Black BBW Jenny Hill Black BBW Jenny Hill

November 19, 2007

Ebony Princess, the plumper plumber from ChocolateJuggs and her Intern Summer Lashay

Filed under: BBW, Black, Busty, Housewife, Ebony Princess, Summer Lashay, ChocolateJuggs — postmaster @ 3:52 pm

So far I’ve only been featuring black models once (Minxxx from BBWHunter) so it’s high time I start featuring more ebony plumpers on this blog.

The best candidate for this blog post seemed to be Ebony-Princess. She’s kinda new to the modeling world (ie: only been around for the last year or so) but she’s putting great efforts into her very own site as well as with her guest models. Ms. Diva or Summer Lashay have nice pictorials on! Yes, her site is named ChocolateJuggs, very appropriate isn’t it? :-)

Ok, I suspect that the reason of your presence here is more for the plump chicks pictures than for my babble, so here are some pictures of Ebony Princess and her 38J juggs posing as the plumper plumber.

Ebony Princess from ChocolateJuggs Ebony Princess from ChocolateJuggs Ebony Princess from ChocolateJuggs

Ebony Princess from ChocolateJuggs Ebony Princess from ChocolateJuggs Ebony Princess from ChocolateJuggs

But I’ve been talking about Summer Lashay above (she’s been made famous by her pictorials in Score, click here to see some samples of it), so I guess I need to show some pics of her “intern” pictorial… I’ve been working in countless offices, but I’ve never been lucky enough to share my office with an intern or secretary with JJ-cup boobs like Summer Lashay… Who knows, one day maybe I’ll be blessed to have such a beautiful babe near me which would guarantee a day-long-woody every work day, but in the meantime, here are Summer’s pictures! :-P

Summer Lashay black intern at ChocolateJuggs Summer Lashay black intern at ChocolateJuggs Summer Lashay black intern at ChocolateJuggs

Summer Lashay black intern at ChocolateJuggs Summer Lashay black intern at ChocolateJuggs Summer Lashay black intern at ChocolateJuggs

Summer Lashay black intern at ChocolateJuggs Summer Lashay black intern at ChocolateJuggs

Be nice to her and visit Ebony Princess’ ChocolateJuggs site!

October 25, 2007

Introducing BBW Princess Lissa and her personal site

Filed under: BBW, SSBBW, Demissis, Busty, Princess Lissa, BBW Lesbians — postmaster @ 2:30 pm

Time to introduce you to another of my favorite busty BBW models: Princess Lissa. This all-American cutie weights 240 lbs and wears a G-cup bra! Now, that’s some very serious curves, isn’t it? But that’s not all: Lissa loves to wear sexy clothes, lingerie and outfits, she loves to masturbate with dildoes and she loves to play with other BBW and SSBBW cuties.

Now I’m sure you want to know more about Princess Lissa, right? Ok, here are some pictures of her…

BBW Princess Lissa BBW Princess Lissa BBW Princess Lissa

BBW Princess Lissa BBW Princess Lissa BBW Princess Lissa

Lissa also loves invites other BBW models on her site. No real bbw lesbian action, but definately some serious teasing… Look at the 3 pics below… Wouldn’t you love to be the ham in this BBW sandwitch between Princess Lissa and Demissis? :-D

BBW Princess Lissa and SSBBW Demissis BBW Princess Lissa and SSBBW Demissis Princess Lissa and Demissis

Princess Lissa’s site really have a nice personal touch and although it’s been live for only 6 months, she updated it every single week, so the content archive has built up nicely over time…

Click Here to Visit Princess Lissa’s “little” corner on the web! :-)

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